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What does a young LGBTQ+ baseball player need to know?

Created by out ballplayers Bryan Ruby and Michael Holland, our resources page is an ever-evolving database of media assets curated for the benefit of LGBTQ people in baseball. Click below to access helpful articles, social media posts, videos, books, and other links designed specifically to inform, educate, and prepare the next crop of LGBTQ ballplayers for everything they may face being queer in our sport. 

I felt so alone as a young queer kid in baseball. I had nowhere to turn, no one to talk to, and certainly no organization dedicated to informing players like me in baseball.

This is everything I wish I could have known when I was younger-organized down to the bullet point. Seriously, taking the time to click through this (if it had existed) would have saved me YEARS of turmoil feeling like I was 'different' and that I didn't belong in baseball. or: saved me years spent in isolation-feeling like I was different than my teammates and that I didn't belong in baseball. 

Most LGBTQ people are familiar with the term 'Chosen Family'.

Well, it's time to meet your LGBTQ baseball family!

Need help finding something?

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Feel free to reach out and one of us on the team will point you in the right direction.

Video Library

Here is a library of all the videos that you can watch to help you learn more about lgbtq athletes.

LGBTQ+ Sports Book Library

We envision a world in which all LGBTQ baseball players (and all athletes) are accepted and valued by their teams without fearing for their safety, mental health, or job security. 


There are LGBTQ athletes on every sports team at every level of every sport -there always have been and there always will be. 


We dream of a future in which every one of those athletes can compete openly on the diamond, inspiring waves of others to do the same. 

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